Exhibit Booth Designs

How do you make the most of 2 meters x 2 meters or 2 meters x 3 meters exhibit space? It’s not easy to utilize every inch of your exhibit space if you don’t even know what to do or where to start. If your display is similar or hard to distinguish between everyone else especially your competitors, how will you be remembered by your guests? How will you stand out? It all boils down to knowing your objectives, and the elements that you want to use before you get to the point of running a successful booth. Always remember that part of having a successful booth and selling out is keeping people interested for them to book on the spot or to come back the next day to buy that item that they can’t stop thinking about.

If you are creative enough you can design your own exhibit space following some basic guidelines (more on this here) but if you do not have any creative juices or the logistics, there are booth stylists or contractors who can help you with your booth design and set-up. They can mix and match or fabricate a booth from scratch. To optimize your space and achieve your goals, sit down with them to discuss what you intend to display and they will be happy to listen share their vision to complement the message that you want to convey to your clients.

Party Marathon Event Styling Specialist
Mobile Number: 09175375577 or 09985569495
Email Address: party_maraton@hotmail.com or party.marathon.ph@gmail.com
Facebook: Party Marathon

Workhaus Advertising Inc.
Mobile Number: 0917-5873688
Email Address: accounts@workhausph.com
Website: www.workhausph.com

4th Wall
Mobile Number: 09173163097
Email Address: designsby4thwall@gmail.com 
Facebook: 4th Wall

Ralph and Co. Designs
Mobile Number: 09175579898
Email Address: ralphcopiaco@gmail.com

Jeff Namoc Events Styling
Mobile: 09173100555
Email Address: Jn.events@yahoo.com

Benew Designs
Mobile: 0995 836 7355 or 0961 0628 133
Facebook: Benew Designs
Email address: richardangeles.ah@gmail.com or sdishsales@gmail.com

An architect without a vision is just a draftsman, and an exhibit without a concept is just a booth. But an experiential space, imbued with inspiration and brought to life in three dimensions, is the stuff of face-to-face marketing magic. 
~Travis Stanton